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  • Stuart Klein Needs a Living Kidney Donor

    My name is Stuart Klein. I am 58 and have had Juvenile Diabetes since I was 7 years old. It’s been a long and demanding battle. I had a kidney/pancreas transplant at age 38. With dedication and discipline, I’ve kept my kidney for 20 years. The national average is 12 years. I take a plateful of pills 2-3 times daily, inject insulin 4 times a day, prick myself to check and track my blood sugars throughout each day, religiously keep my numerous doctors’ appointments, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

    It has been a struggle being in and out of hospitals due to complications from diabetes. In spite of these challenges, I worked 30 years in the Mailroom at the Government Accounting Office.       Read More.... Watch Video Click Title Above

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  • Find the Gift of the Heart

    “We invite you to pick up this book, find the gift of the heart through the eyes of the many Helping Hands and Beyond volunteers and build a future for its children, brick by brick.”  

    Get your copy today to support our ability to provide access to HOPE. Click here for more information.

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    Can you imagine raising four boys in a neighborhood where gangs and gunfire are commonplace?  Neither can we.

    But her youngest son, 15-year-old KyJuan, encouraged her to attend a Morris Habitat homeowner orientation.   He said, “Mom, you never know what can happen!”

    But the truth remains that “on any given day, at any given time, you can hear gun shots as if that’s normal.”

    On behalf of Stacey and her sons, Morris Habitat for Humanity is asking for your help in raising $50,000 to get this project off the ground.  With the groundbreaking scheduled for this fall, time is limited.

    Please help us make Stacey and sons dream of a safe and stable home a reality for their whole family. And let’s do it now!

    Thank you for your support.


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Sunday, May 19, 2019

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