Chicago ( HHNTV ) Gail Egan, the Youth Minister for St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church in Mountain Lakes, NJ suggested taking part in the Catholic HEART Workcamp program and the Church Pastor, Reverend Jared Brogan, was more than eager to assemble a volunteer group. A group of teenagers from St Catherine's of Siena, led by Father Jared traveled to Chicago last week to assist the less fortunate.

Participating through the Catholic HEART Workcamp, a faith-based volunteer service that's been assisting communities around the country for more than twenty-five years, the group helped the less fortunate by weeding, home repairs, food packaging and visiting a home for people with disabilities, which included painting nails and reading to the patrons.The experience was certainly more than rewarding for the group as the teens saw first-hand how the church extends beyond just the St. Catherine of Siena Church as they worked together with other volunteers their age from different parishes. As Father Jared explained: "They also have an experience of the challenges that people face and how they can make a difference in that challenge.  They also get to meet and interact with other young people their own age.  They see how it is ok to be a person of faith, to talk about it, to pray, and also to have doubts."

After a successful trip, Father Jared is eager to continue the service. This year the group traveled to Chicago, but who knows where they'll be next?



Editors Note: Saint Catherine of Siena Church recently participated in a local team building event with Morris Habitat for Humanity on June 3, 2017. The church came together to help build walls for veterans at their annual Hammer for Heroes Event. Please visit the Saint Catherine of Siena Church Website and watch Church TV to see this good work.  Currently their is an ongoing effort with Morris Habitat and Saint Catherine of Siena Church to help local Seniors, who are in need of free home repairs. Please call 973-632-1906 if you know someone locally who may be in need of FREE home repairs.