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(DOVER, NJ) (HHNTV) It was a glorious afternoon in Dover, NJ. Despite the heat, and many people in suits, everyone was excited to be there for the dedication of four brand new houses on Harding Avenue for new owners: the Carmona, Figueroa, Marte and Sartorius families; which includes two veterans and nine children. Formerly a vacant area and dumping grounds, the space was cleared out by generous volunteers and a cul-de-sac of four two story houses was constructed on the site.

John Q. Martin, the construction supervisor, was especially excited to see the families cut the ribbons to their new homes. John has been working with Morris Habitat for Humanity for four years. He described a lasting impression was working with a young volunteer, whose house was built by Habitat. The volunteer was so moved by his own experience, he wanted to give back to the community right away. Since construction started in September 2016, John especially got to know the Carmona family, one of the house’s new homeowners, very well.  He learned their history, their aspirations and dreams for the future. It was a tough process, often very challenging, as these new homes must each pass two dozen vigorous inspections. Seeing all that hard work culminate into a family with a home is more than words can describe.

Attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony was James Dodd, mayor of Dover. Mayor Dodd noted the revitalization Dover has been experiencing over the years, including welcoming his town’s new citizens. Also in attendance were representatives from Ethan Allen, Etta Denk from Bank of America, Pastor Terrence Walsh, Rabbi David Nesson, and of course, the proud new home-owners. Pastor Walsh and Rabbi Nesson, two people of God from different faiths, each reflected on the blessings bestowed from their Heavenly Father, as volunteers from diverse faiths and backgrounds joined together for a greater purpose.

The project was a made possible by 4,800 volunteers devoting over 35,000 hours, generous sponsors, which included Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, NJ Natural Gas, and Wells Fargo; and blueprints by Seth Leeb, a respected and accomplished architect. Among the new houses is the first registered net-zero, energy efficient home in NJ.

  • St. Catherine's of Siena faith-based ministry group travels to Chicago to help the less fortunate. Father Jared, the Pastor, explained: "They also have an experience of the challenges that people face and how they can make a difference in that challenge.  They also get to meet and interact with other young people their own age.  They see how it is ok to be a person of faith, to talk about it, to pray, and also to have doubts."

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