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Dear Friends and Family,

I have an urgent request:

I need a kidney transplant and ask that you consider donating one of your kidneys to me.

My name is Stuart Klein. I am 58 and have had Juvenile Diabetes since I was 7 years old. It’s been a long and demanding battle. I had a kidney/pancreas transplant at age 38. With dedication and discipline, I’ve kept my kidney for 20 years. The national average is 12 years. I take a plateful of pills 2-3 times daily, inject insulin 4 times a day, prick myself to check and track my blood sugars throughout each day, religiously keep my numerous doctors’ appointments, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

It has been a struggle being in and out of hospitals due to complications from diabetes. In spite of these challenges, I worked 30 years in the Mailroom at the Government Accounting Office.

My 20-year-old kidney is now functioning at a very low level. My doctors tell me I will need a transplant soon as I am in stage 4 advanced kidney disease. They strongly advise that my best option is a kidney transplant from a living donor.

Before my first transplant, I had to go on dialysis. I am trying to avoid dialysis, which was a difficult and painful process. Dialysis helps the body perform the functions of failed kidneys while waiting for a healthy one. Dialysis is a miserable way to live and would significantly shorten my life. My goal is to avoid dialysis, if at all possible.

Here’s some basic information about kidney donation:

  • Most of us are born with two kidneys—you only need one to live a full, healthy, long life.
  • The majority of donor surgery is minimally invasive and done with tiny incisions.
  • The recuperation period is generally 2 days in hospital and approximately 2 weeks of recovery time.
  • All medical expenses will be paid by my insurance.
  • The kidney donor work-up is thorough and free. The transplant team won’t let you donate unless it is confident you will be healthy after donation.

Finding a kidney for transplant is not easy. Currently about 100,000 people are on the waiting list for a deceased donor kidney. Unfortunately, time is not on my side. Some wait for years and many die while waiting. The average wait is 5 years or more for a kidney from a deceased donor. 

If donating a kidney to me is something you would like to consider, I would be eternally grateful. I realize that donating an organ is an incredibly generous act. If you would like to explore this in more detail, please contact Jennifer Flood at or 646-715-8976.

I know that kidney donation may not be right for everyone. You can, however, still help me by sharing this letter with everyone you know.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration.

     Stuart Klein

58 Year Old Rockville, MD Man Appeals for A Living Kidney Donor. Read His URGENT Appeal Letter

Editor's Note From Paul G Argen, Executive Producer MDTVNews / Kidney Angels TV. 

Stuart Klein is a 58 year old man who for worked for 30 years in the mailroom of the U.S Government's Accounting Office. Stuart needs a living donor kidney as soon as possible. We are looking to produce a half hour MDTV / Kidney Angels TV show special that features a company and media entity surrounding the cause of Stuart Klein and his living kidney donor, once determined. Please call me direct at 973-632-1906 if your company and/or your  media entity would like to be involved at any level. It could be as simple as airing our Kidney Angels TV Channel or as complex as contributing as a group to save Stuart's life or a combination of both.... in any case lets help today. Call me any time, 24/7 after you read his letter of appeal. Thank you and God Bless YOU. 

Kidney Angels TV- Help Sam Bass. Save a Life
  • Here are some snacks that are good for kidney health.
  • High blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of kidney failure put one in three Americans at an increased risk of developing kidney disease. But even if you don’t fit in any of those risk categories, it’s important to take care of these critically important organs. Nephrologist, James Simon, MD from Cleveland Clinic shares 7 Secrets to Kidney Health to benefit everyone.

  • Gary Edward Miller Scholarship Fund to Aid Sam Bass
    This scholarship fund is in loving memory of Gary E. Miller who was in need of a kidney at the time of his passing. Two months prior Gary and his family found The Flood Sisters organization and retained them to help in the process of searching for an altruistic donor. Within a few weeks, we were informed of the hopeful news of a donor in testing. Unfortunately, he passed prior to scheduling a transplant. His family created the Gary E. Miller scholarship fund in his honor to help other families in need of kidney procurement through The Flood Sisters. Gary E. Miller is deeply missed by his children and grandchildren: Chad Miller, Morgan Miller Caspi, Joshua Caspi and Gary’s grandchildren Oliver, Hudson and Julian.

    Please send us an email at as we work on this wonderful contribution on behalf of the Miller-Caspi family.

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