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The military has shown us that Post Traumatic Stress can occur in both combat soldiers and their caregivers. A GREAT REMEDY FOR POST TRAUMATIC IS TO SHARE YOUR STORY AT PTSD FACES DOT ORG. COVID 19 victims and caregivers can share their story (remotely) by calling at 973-632-1906 TO SCHEDULE A LIVE INTERVIEW.
Public Health TV Live
Morris County Healthy Home Network TV Channel
Morris County Healthy Home Network TV is specifically created to air on Municipality and Educational web sites. It is also perfect for emergency management training and senior organization websites. Powered by Morris Habitat for Humanity. Call Paul Argen at 973-632-1906 if you need help.
Mobility Solutions for Aging in Place
David Muti, Healthy Home Network TV News contributor on "Aging in Place" speaks out on this Better Business News Journal (BBNJ) Business Brief
Emergency Preparedness Trailer
Offered by Morris Habitat for Humanity Through Healthy Home Network TV......Municipalities throughout NJ can Air Emergency Preparedness TV Shows for FREE. The programs can air on websites, on mobile sites, and in the municipal buildings TV Screens
Jamiie Rodgers Shares Message of Team Building Through Volunteerism
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Expertise: Provides REMOTE Live Streaming Media and Live Production Consultation and services for any size event or news cast from either an onsite or a remote location. If you (a guest) or your station has a scheduled TV Interview with BBNJ or MDTV please click on their Logo Above or click here to ask Paul a question about LinkOutTV. Full Production and Remote Director Service. Content Strategy, Channel Distribution and Revenue Modeling. Free consultations are available.
Onsite or Remote From New Jersey
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